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Goa Churches : A Place Of Tranquility

One of the charming attractions in Goa is Churches. Goan churches are famous for their interesting buildings usually an amalgamation of two or more forms. These organizations of religion played a important role in persuading people initially to Christianity. And today with a significant Christian population, the churches are important in Goa’s religious, intellectual and social foundation. The majority of the cathedrals during the Portuguese rule were built in Old Goa and today Old Goa along with its churches is a globe legacy site. Be it the decorative method construction or the elaborated altars. During the past Portuguese rule in India, cathedral edifice was the most important concern and activity in Goa. Their main enthusiasm was to spread Christianity and divert as many citizens as they can. The Goa church still have that older globe attraction and are very trendy with the travelers who trip to India. Goa churches had much consequence in the life style of the people there. It assisted in the spread of edification, built many sanatoriums and helped people in their crisis.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is famous for the preserved corporeal remains of St. Francis Xavier. He was the member of Society of Jesus and came to India to spread Christianity with the Portuguese. The name of the Church, Bom Jesus basically means “Good Jesus” and is used for Jesus when he was a child. St. Francis Xavier was a member of the Society of Jesus who sermonized the enlightening lecturing of Christianity when he came to India along with the Portuguese. While on a cruise to China from India, he died on the ship. It is believed that the following year when the corpse of the saint was being relocated to Goa as per his desires, the people were surprised to find his corpse fresh as forever. This was declared to be a wonder and his corpse was kept in an air tight sarcophagus prepared of goblet and positioned within a silver strongbox. Every year many followers visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus on 2nd December to see the corporeal remains of the saint that is exhibited publicly. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the wealthiest cathedrals situated in Goa. The heart of the church is as stunning and spendthrift as the peripherals.

The floor is made of pure white marble, garnished with gem stones. The altar of the church is decorated richly and covered with gold. It measures around 54 feet high and is 30 feet broad. The cathedral’s interior is conspicuously amiable yet straightforward and is constructed in the Mosaic-Corinthian style. The crypt where the body is kept was engraved intricately by Giovanni Battista Foggini, he was a sculptor during 17th century. The walls are adorned with old canvass of the saint. The eye-catching and delightful building, the cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi is situated in Old Goa at a distance of some 10 kilometers from the capital city, Panaji. The cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi is at the same multifaceted in which Se Cathedral is sited. St. Francis of Assisi cathedral of India has now been turned into a museum. Interesting information about the cathedral is that the architectural mode of the church has a mix of Christian and Hindu aspects. Antique artifacts and old arts are now exhibited there. The blueprint and building of the church is very obscure and much interest has been given to the features. Though in size, it is very smaller one. The statues and adornment is as salient as in those churches. The church is painted generously and the altars are carved beautifully. The design of the church are embellished with portrayals from the Bible whereas the walls are carved with floral devises. The paintings in the cathedral have a very idiosyncratic Indian feel. There is a sculpture of St. Michael right at the entry of the church.

The St. Cajetan church is sited in Old Goa near the Se cathedral church. The cathedral is visited by many travelers because of delicate building. This huge and prominently gorgeous church has been constructed on the most important design of the Basilica of St. Peter situated in Rome. The structural design is mostly Corinthian in scenery and is used charitably inside as well exterior of the church. The Saint Cajetan church of India was initially known as Church of Our Lady of Divine luck. The church has been built using laterite blocks and has been splashed with lime. The dazzling altars are golden and are adorned with divine carvings in the Baroque style. Inside the church, you will find three altars at the left that are dedicated to Holy family of Our Lady of Piety and St. Clare. On your right, you will find the altars of St. Cajetan, St. John and St. Agnes. The altar dedicated to St. Cajetan is the largest in the church. A timber platform emerges from one of the docks and is beautifully adorned and decorated. There is a well in the premises of the church that is very old. The presence of this well has made many historians speculate that there was a Hindu temple at this site. The temple might have been destroyed during the time of invasion. Some others believe that the well was planned by the architect in order to provide stability to the structure.

The ruins of St. Augustine church is admired traveler magnetism and one of the most fabulous monuments in Goa. They also built a convent besides the church. The Saint Augustine church was believed to be one of the most of three Augustinian churches. Now, only the ruins of the front portion of the church and magnificent tower remain. The tower in the ruins of St. Augustine church is the main attraction. This vast loom reaches up to a stumbling altitude of around 46 meters. It had four stories and was initially meant to be a belfry. The church had a massive bell that was eliminated and is now at the Church of our Lady of the perfect outset situated in Panaji. The church had eight delightfully beautified chapels and four ornamented altars. The whole corpse of the cathedral finally gave way due to abandon and usual strengths. The doorway and the tower are still present and look absolutely grand notwithstanding being in wrecks. The wrecks of St. Augustine are visited by many sightseers from all over the globe, which was once the largest cathedral in Goa.


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