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Goa Tourist Places – The Places Where Celebrations Never Ends

Goa is the most visited Tourist Places in India visited by tourists from across the world all the year round. Goa is very famous for beaches; In Goa we can explore amazing beach experiences it’s refers as beach capital so it is very evident to have several beaches in Goa, but all the beaches of this state are really beautiful having their unique features. Goa beaches stole everyone’s heart at first sight.

Apart from beaches Goa is also well-known as the fun-loving state of India. It is one such state where there is no shortage of attractions and pleasure. Goa resounds with parties and carnivals all the year round. Whether beach parties or its exciting nightlife includes lively clubs, discotheques and many one can find there every source of entertainment.

The people from this land are also famous for their lively and friendly approach, interesting food and fascinating culture, which are pretty related to western-culture. Apart from beaches there are many other attractions that make this state natural glory such as its steamy green forests, exciting waterfalls, wildlife parks and ranges of floras and faunas.

Many tourists are not known the fact that is Goa is not only the land of beach it is actually is a depot of architectural marvels. These forts and monuments are the living testimony to Goa’s rich legacy. Chapora Fort, Tiracol Fort, Mormugao Fort, Fort Aguada,  Cabo Palace Fort are some must seen forts in Goa. Churches are also been the essential part of Goa’s history. The historical places in Goa include the three big churches namely the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Covent of St. Francis of Assisi and Se Cathedral.

Besides there are so many attractions of tourist’s interest but most of the people visit this state only to explore it mesmerizing beaches which are in abundance. If you are looking for peace and wish to explore your vacations away from all disturbances then you must head to south-region beaches. If you are with your spouse and wish to spend some romantic moment together then, Goa would be perfect for you.

Important Goa Tourist Places

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Honeymoon Destinations Goa

10 Amazing Destinations for Honeymoon in India


A honeymoon is a prospect for a newly married couple to get away from the hurry bury of everyday life. It’s an ideal time for two of them to understand each other and spend some memorable romantic moments together in a very special destination. There are lots and lots of honeymoon destinations in all over India. Goa is one of the peaceful romantic destinations for honeymoon hunters amongst them. The sparkling blend of sun, surf and sea makes Goa one of the ideal romantic destinations in India.  If paradise were on globe then Goa would be the destination. Goa tourist places offer gorgeous honeymoon destinations for honeymooners.

The exotic locations like blue skies and astonishing beaches, waterfalls, wildlife and enchanting carnivals together with the scenery at its preeminent make honeymoon in Goa memorable. Honeymoon Destinations Goa guarantees advancement of a special attachment between couples. Goa Honeymoon Destinations definite to work the supernatural experience on your marriage. Couples have lot of thrilling activities like water sports, sunset watching, and scuba diving, water scooter rides. A refreshing moonlight walk with your spouse along the seashore is a best choice for honeymooners.

A honeymoon is the best time to enjoy and celebrate romance. Goa is an ultimate place to spend honeymoon. The dazzling nightlife of Goa welcomes honeymooners vast in count. Night parties at beaches are the major magnetism of Goa. Candlelight dinner is an astonishing activity for newly married couples. Honeymooners can go finest dining restaurant or choose a dinner cruise is going to turn out into a very tremendous and romantic tour. To make your honeymoon the most treasuring and thrilling moment of your life then Goa would be the perfect romantic gateway. Goa Tourist Places offer several traditions to liven up the evening. Goans like to endeavor out in evening and it is common to find couples out for a night of happiness.


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Goa Waterfalls : Uncover Goa’s Silvery Cascades

Goa is a natural paradise on earth, situated at the coastline of Arabian Sea. Goa city is rich with its history and charming attractions like stunning beaches, holy shrines, exotic churches and the awesome waterfalls. The alluring beauty of Goa attracts tourists from different parts of the globe. Goa Carnivals are well known by tourists. These are the rich Anglo-Indian legacy is a great magnetism for all tourists. There are three major waterfalls of Goa which falls from great height on the rocky landscape. Waterfalls of chilled water from great height magnetize tourists in large count. Most of the tourists prefer wonderful beauty of the nature rather than adventurous thrills. Goa waterfalls make Goa tourist places more attractive and welcomes tourists in crowd.

Dudhsagar waterfalls goa is a famous waterfall. It is located in the border of Goa Karnataka and is 60 kilometer from Margoa. This gets its place amongst the top 100 highest waterfalls in the world. Dudhsagar waterfall is falling in an elevation of 2000feet down in the forested mountains of the Western Ghats. The ripple cascades of pearly water are an eye-catching view to the sightseers. The picturesque view of the waterfall is amazing. No words are enough to explain the beauty of Dudhsagar waterfalls. Goa waterfalls are added as an alluring attraction to amuse and invite crowd apart from its sunny beaches, astounding nightspots.

The Harvalem or Arvalem waterfall is situated 8 kilometer far away from North goa. The waterfall is sited in between the towns Sanquelim and Bicholim. Arvalem waterfall gushes from an altitude of 50 meters, is one of the most wonderful tourist destination. Arvalem waterfall is an idyllic tourist spot. The striking waterfall and holy shrine Rudreshwar Temple is also located at this place. The temple has its own story, says that who believe in releasing the soul on 12th day after death. One can notice the staircase available there to view the amazing beauty of Arvalem waterfall. In goa tourist places the charming Arvalem waterfall with a top about 24 feet height creates an ample lake at the bottom. This presents excitement experience to the swimmers.

The Hivre waterfall is situated in Hivre village is 14 kilometer faraway from Valpoi city. Hivre waterfalls. The Hivre waterfalls are one part of Mother Nature with flourishing greenery view. It’s a gorgeous location to see the 16 waterfalls, all packed in tight, into a small viewing area that could be seen from the foothill. It’s an ultimate destination for the people who love to go tracking. It was a long trail up, through the fields, greasy rocks, small rivers, through bushes, veils, along a distance of almost 1.5 kilometers up the hill. Goa tourist places are more beautiful and always keeps tourists excited.

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Goa Churches : A Place Of Tranquility

One of the charming attractions in Goa is Churches. Goan churches are famous for their interesting buildings usually an amalgamation of two or more forms. These organizations of religion played a important role in persuading people initially to Christianity. And today with a significant Christian population, the churches are important in Goa’s religious, intellectual and social foundation. The majority of the cathedrals during the Portuguese rule were built in Old Goa and today Old Goa along with its churches is a globe legacy site. Be it the decorative method construction or the elaborated altars. During the past Portuguese rule in India, cathedral edifice was the most important concern and activity in Goa. Their main enthusiasm was to spread Christianity and divert as many citizens as they can. The Goa church still have that older globe attraction and are very trendy with the travelers who trip to India. Goa churches had much consequence in the life style of the people there. It assisted in the spread of edification, built many sanatoriums and helped people in their crisis.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is famous for the preserved corporeal remains of St. Francis Xavier. He was the member of Society of Jesus and came to India to spread Christianity with the Portuguese. The name of the Church, Bom Jesus basically means “Good Jesus” and is used for Jesus when he was a child. St. Francis Xavier was a member of the Society of Jesus who sermonized the enlightening lecturing of Christianity when he came to India along with the Portuguese. While on a cruise to China from India, he died on the ship. It is believed that the following year when the corpse of the saint was being relocated to Goa as per his desires, the people were surprised to find his corpse fresh as forever. This was declared to be a wonder and his corpse was kept in an air tight sarcophagus prepared of goblet and positioned within a silver strongbox. Every year many followers visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus on 2nd December to see the corporeal remains of the saint that is exhibited publicly. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the wealthiest cathedrals situated in Goa. The heart of the church is as stunning and spendthrift as the peripherals.

The floor is made of pure white marble, garnished with gem stones. The altar of the church is decorated richly and covered with gold. It measures around 54 feet high and is 30 feet broad. The cathedral’s interior is conspicuously amiable yet straightforward and is constructed in the Mosaic-Corinthian style. The crypt where the body is kept was engraved intricately by Giovanni Battista Foggini, he was a sculptor during 17th century. The walls are adorned with old canvass of the saint. The eye-catching and delightful building, the cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi is situated in Old Goa at a distance of some 10 kilometers from the capital city, Panaji. The cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi is at the same multifaceted in which Se Cathedral is sited. St. Francis of Assisi cathedral of India has now been turned into a museum. Interesting information about the cathedral is that the architectural mode of the church has a mix of Christian and Hindu aspects. Antique artifacts and old arts are now exhibited there. The blueprint and building of the church is very obscure and much interest has been given to the features. Though in size, it is very smaller one. The statues and adornment is as salient as in those churches. The church is painted generously and the altars are carved beautifully. The design of the church are embellished with portrayals from the Bible whereas the walls are carved with floral devises. The paintings in the cathedral have a very idiosyncratic Indian feel. There is a sculpture of St. Michael right at the entry of the church.

The St. Cajetan church is sited in Old Goa near the Se cathedral church. The cathedral is visited by many travelers because of delicate building. This huge and prominently gorgeous church has been constructed on the most important design of the Basilica of St. Peter situated in Rome. The structural design is mostly Corinthian in scenery and is used charitably inside as well exterior of the church. The Saint Cajetan church of India was initially known as Church of Our Lady of Divine luck. The church has been built using laterite blocks and has been splashed with lime. The dazzling altars are golden and are adorned with divine carvings in the Baroque style. Inside the church, you will find three altars at the left that are dedicated to Holy family of Our Lady of Piety and St. Clare. On your right, you will find the altars of St. Cajetan, St. John and St. Agnes. The altar dedicated to St. Cajetan is the largest in the church. A timber platform emerges from one of the docks and is beautifully adorned and decorated. There is a well in the premises of the church that is very old. The presence of this well has made many historians speculate that there was a Hindu temple at this site. The temple might have been destroyed during the time of invasion. Some others believe that the well was planned by the architect in order to provide stability to the structure.

The ruins of St. Augustine church is admired traveler magnetism and one of the most fabulous monuments in Goa. They also built a convent besides the church. The Saint Augustine church was believed to be one of the most of three Augustinian churches. Now, only the ruins of the front portion of the church and magnificent tower remain. The tower in the ruins of St. Augustine church is the main attraction. This vast loom reaches up to a stumbling altitude of around 46 meters. It had four stories and was initially meant to be a belfry. The church had a massive bell that was eliminated and is now at the Church of our Lady of the perfect outset situated in Panaji. The church had eight delightfully beautified chapels and four ornamented altars. The whole corpse of the cathedral finally gave way due to abandon and usual strengths. The doorway and the tower are still present and look absolutely grand notwithstanding being in wrecks. The wrecks of St. Augustine are visited by many sightseers from all over the globe, which was once the largest cathedral in Goa.


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Goa Beaches : Romantic Destination For Beach Lovers

Goa is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Famous for its calm life style, Goa gastronomy, night life, banquets and carnivals and most prominently beaches Goa magnetizes tourists from all places of the world. Goa is house to some of the most astonishing beaches in the globe. A holiday makers glory Goa’s major allure reclines in its sun kissed coasts. The beaches in Goa are a blend of tranquil beauty, admirable Goa gastronomy, bug bazaars, and bending palm trees. The shoreline of Goa extends above 125 km and the beaches cover an area of 83 km. The Goa beaches are the major reason behind the tourists visit to the state. The beach Goa is tarnished with charming little goa beach huts that provides ice chilly mock tails and spicy Goa cuisine. The immeasurable beaches Goa offer incredible experience for everyone, from seafood huts, to extravagance resorts to beach huts, daze parties to harmony.

If you want to be amidst all the commotion and events of the state then the beaches of North Goa are entirely appropriate and in case you want to rest in complete seclusion then the beaches of South Goa form the ideal destination for you. The beaches in South Goa are an ultimate destination for honeymoon duos. The beaches in South Goa are less thronged, fresh, less industrialized and offer the peace and cool that is sought after by solitude hunters.On the other hand the beaches in North Goa are fully industrialized. Most of the beaches in North Goa offer fine foodstuff and wine, up souk restaurants, dolphin sightseeing, yoga, reiki, tai chi, and Ayurvedic therapies. Mostly alien and local visitors are found in the vigorous beaches of North Goa.

Anjuna Beach located 18 km from Panaji, is the capital of Goa.  Anjuna Beach is famous for its drinking parties. Located in the north region of Goa, Anjuna Beach is one of the sizzling places of beach lovers. This is one of the trendiest Goa beaches. The waves colliding daytime as well as night time combined with light golden sands make Anjuna Beach thronged with parties throughout the year. Arambol Beach is one of the most delightful beaches of Goa, located 50 km away from the capital city of Panaji. The long golden sand widen of this northern beach of Goa encompasses mainly two beaches. Harmal beach is a main beach, which is gorgeous can be accessed by foot and is margined by crags. Peacefulness and calmness has made the Arambol Beach one of the desired destinations among the Goa beach visitors. The Baga beach is squashed between the two beaches; one is the Candolim beach and the Calangut beach. The beach is rather diminutive in size but is absolutely hygienic and more relaxed and ascetic than the other beaches in Goa. Apart from the common beach activities and delicious foodstuff Baga beach also offers a prospect to enjoy storm waves between January and March. Calangute Baga Beach is believed as the flagship seashore of Goa. A safe place for tourists, Calangute Baga Beach was past a fishing parish which was a scorching blemish for hippies in the later years of the 90s. With the route of time, Calangute Baga Beach has progressed to be one of the major beaches of Goa. The beach is often designated as ‘Queen of Beaches’.

Benaulim Beach, which starts with the end of the Colva beach, is a very silent beach of Goa. This beach is eminent for fishing. Benaulim Beach has over the years become a top sightseer destination of Goa. It is embellished with silver sands, sparkler clear azure water, palm trees and an ambiance of tranquility. Goa, the beach capital of India, brags of its various stunning beaches. Dubbed as the most fabulous beach of South Goa, Cavelossim Beach is located between the Arabian Sea and Sal River. White sands, blue water, paddy fields, abundance of housing options and different refresh activities make this beach a desired among the different travelers. The ‘black lava rocks’ that embellish the beach at some places serve as a multiple fascination. One of the most stunning beaches in the region the Varca Beach is sited in Benaulim in Southern part of Goa. The enlargement of fresh and clean water the Varca Beach is another famous tourist’s destination in the beach capital of India.

The eye catching white sandy beach with thrilling views of scenery the Varca is a wonderful holiday blemish for pairs. With gorgeous palms bounding the calmness of the beach. It is ideal for dolphin seeing, boating and sunbathing.

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Goa Tourist Places : Your Doorway To Dreamland

Goa is the hub of attractions in India, the sun kissed terra firma tasseled with coconut trees and paddy fields, Old Portuguese churches and Goa’s long widen of sandy shoreline is fame for its huge number of beaches, the cascades, the woodlands, the spice farmhouses, all are exclusive in their own way and are a must visit on your excursion to Goa in India. The state of Goa is situated on the western shore of India in the coastal girdle known as Konkan. On one hand you have the most fascinating natural lures where as on the other hand you have a tremendous array of architectural structures, which are scattered in different towns of the state. There are a number of significance visit tourist spots in Goa, which are the input dynamics behind the people adore for Goa trip. Hence, travel to Goa is very significant to regard various fortunes of the state. Goa is the ideal consign where you will find an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary facets of life. Goa tourist places will really demonstrate you an exclusively innovative side of Goa that is certain to take you by alluring paradise of god.

There are number of Goa tourist destinations to visit. Goa beaches are the ultimate blend of sun, sand, sea and waves, gives a splendid experience. Goa has long seashore that makes it the perfect state to have beaches. The beaches of Goa are the ideal destination for a tranquil vacation and holiday in India.

Goa is factually identical with churches. They are living monuments of the historical earlier period of Goa. During the early days of the Portuguese rule in India, cathedral edifice was the primary apprehension and occupation in Goa. This was because of their enthusiasm to spread Christianity and renovate as many people as they can. One of the most delightful and famous celebration of Goa is the Goa Carnival. This three day burlesque, of excitement, frisk, laughter and merry-making, takes place in the month of February. The Goa Carnival celebration is one of the most eagerly anticipated occasions of the year. Though fundamentally a Christian event, all people of Goa, irrespective of their trust and creed take part in this festival.

The Dudhsagar waterfalls are situated in the Sanguem district of Goa near the Goa-Karnataka boundary. It is sited at a space of around 60 kilometers from Margao and can be reached easily by hiring a taxi or taking a bus from either Margao or Panaji.

Goa wildlife tourism can help the refuges play this crucial role. The Goa wildlife tourism diligence has set up different places of housing that are located close to the main areas of interest. As well as local birds, Goa is habitat to an immense of traveling birds that visit the area during their own stormy winter periods. It is feasible to visit many well examples of narrow and migrant birds in Goa wildlife tours are accessible that facilitate you to see Elephants, Tigers, Black Panthers and much more.




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