Goa Tourist Places : Shimmering Attractions Of Goa Museums

03 Oct

Goa is famous for its rich historical legacy. The place has been ruled by Portuguese and British settlers one after the other. So the culture of goa is the blend of alien countries and local Konkani ethnicity. Goa museums intended the British and Portuguese lifestyle and relics. Goa tourist places are ultimate tourist destinations for all kind of visitors. Goa museums are the ideal spot for people who are interested to learn about ancient cultural backdrop of the place. By learning and studying one can understand the traditional heritage of Goa. It is the houses of artifacts of ancient goa. Museums in Goa are worth a visit even if you go to Goa only for the sun and surf. They are fortune abodes of Goa’s vivid history. Some of the main museums in Goa are given below:

The Archaeological Museum, known for its colossal size, is abided in a deserted convent of St. Francis of Assisi, presents of objects reflects the history of Goa. It exhibits the Hindu ancient period statue of Hindu deities such as many sati and hero tombstones, vast collections of coins issued by various emperors. The scarcity to be found in the Goa Archeological Museum is a duo of stunning Jain sculptures. On the ground floor there are many pictures of the primitive rock statues at Usgalimal.  The art and paintings in the museum represents Vascoda Gama’s photos. Archeological goa museum is one of the wonderful museums in goa. Museums in Goa recall the pictures of long lost things and relics or old and graying paintings. This portrays many historical stories about Goa.

Naval Aviation Museum Goa was first inducted in the year of 1998 at Dabolim, Vasco. This is the ideal place where you can experience the India’s strongest Navy forces. As the name it tells that it is the abode of some of the most relished things from the enormous Indian navy. Naval Aviation Museum in Goa is famous and unique museum free to visit, have the admiration of being one of the most popular magnetism in goa. Aircrafts, weapons and many other photos shows important era of Indian Naval history. Not only equipments but also modern multimedia games section also placed here. The marvelous arrangements of the museum are unforgettable by visitors who back to place from the museum with their mind full of beautiful memories. This makes the goa as an ultimate tourist destination.

Goa state museum in Panaji was built in 1977. Goa foams with power and will. Goa crowded by many tourists down the years. Goa tourist places are thrilling place with exotic beaches, sacred churches, shrines and also different featured museums. The pleasure of being in highly striking museums is particularly valued by tourists, enthusiastic on understanding historical stories about goa and the priceless pieces of sculpture. The Goa state museum in Goa is one of the very famous museums in this state. This museum is very famous for its huge collection related to art, spiritual and history, along with different invaluable traditionals.  Goa state museum is also major tourist magnetism for all people.

Out of these museums, the Archeological museum, naval aviation Goa museum and Goa State Museum are the foremost with luxurious collection. Archeological museum displays objects, artifacts, and arts of historic, primitive, and medieval epoch.Goa State Museum has 7 different galleries like Cultural Anthropology, Contemporary Art Gallery, Religious Expressions.Gallery, Sculpture Gallery, and so on. Each division displays a different kind of art and history. Goa is more than just beaches and beach adventure. Goa museums in Goa tourist places are well preserved and rich collection of chronological information.

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