Goa Tourist Places – The Places Where Celebrations Never Ends

Goa is the most visited Tourist Places in India visited by tourists from across the world all the year round. Goa is very famous for beaches; In Goa we can explore amazing beach experiences it’s refers as beach capital so it is very evident to have several beaches in Goa, but all the beaches of this state are really beautiful having their unique features. Goa beaches stole everyone’s heart at first sight.

Apart from beaches Goa is also well-known as the fun-loving state of India. It is one such state where there is no shortage of attractions and pleasure. Goa resounds with parties and carnivals all the year round. Whether beach parties or its exciting nightlife includes lively clubs, discotheques and many one can find there every source of entertainment.

The people from this land are also famous for their lively and friendly approach, interesting food and fascinating culture, which are pretty related to western-culture. Apart from beaches there are many other attractions that make this state natural glory such as its steamy green forests, exciting waterfalls, wildlife parks and ranges of floras and faunas.

Many tourists are not known the fact that is Goa is not only the land of beach it is actually is a depot of architectural marvels. These forts and monuments are the living testimony to Goa’s rich legacy. Chapora Fort, Tiracol Fort, Mormugao Fort, Fort Aguada,  Cabo Palace Fort are some must seen forts in Goa. Churches are also been the essential part of Goa’s history. The historical places in Goa include the three big churches namely the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Covent of St. Francis of Assisi and Se Cathedral.

Besides there are so many attractions of tourist’s interest but most of the people visit this state only to explore it mesmerizing beaches which are in abundance. If you are looking for peace and wish to explore your vacations away from all disturbances then you must head to south-region beaches. If you are with your spouse and wish to spend some romantic moment together then, Goa would be perfect for you.

Important Goa Tourist Places

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Honeymoon Destinations Goa

10 Amazing Destinations for Honeymoon in India


A honeymoon is a prospect for a newly married couple to get away from the hurry bury of everyday life. It’s an ideal time for two of them to understand each other and spend some memorable romantic moments together in a very special destination. There are lots and lots of honeymoon destinations in all over India. Goa is one of the peaceful romantic destinations for honeymoon hunters amongst them. The sparkling blend of sun, surf and sea makes Goa one of the ideal romantic destinations in India.  If paradise were on globe then Goa would be the destination. Goa tourist places offer gorgeous honeymoon destinations for honeymooners.

The exotic locations like blue skies and astonishing beaches, waterfalls, wildlife and enchanting carnivals together with the scenery at its preeminent make honeymoon in Goa memorable. Honeymoon Destinations Goa guarantees advancement of a special attachment between couples. Goa Honeymoon Destinations definite to work the supernatural experience on your marriage. Couples have lot of thrilling activities like water sports, sunset watching, and scuba diving, water scooter rides. A refreshing moonlight walk with your spouse along the seashore is a best choice for honeymooners.

A honeymoon is the best time to enjoy and celebrate romance. Goa is an ultimate place to spend honeymoon. The dazzling nightlife of Goa welcomes honeymooners vast in count. Night parties at beaches are the major magnetism of Goa. Candlelight dinner is an astonishing activity for newly married couples. Honeymooners can go finest dining restaurant or choose a dinner cruise is going to turn out into a very tremendous and romantic tour. To make your honeymoon the most treasuring and thrilling moment of your life then Goa would be the perfect romantic gateway. Goa Tourist Places offer several traditions to liven up the evening. Goans like to endeavor out in evening and it is common to find couples out for a night of happiness.


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Goa Waterfalls : Uncover Goa’s Silvery Cascades

Goa is a natural paradise on earth, situated at the coastline of Arabian Sea. Goa city is rich with its history and charming attractions like stunning beaches, holy shrines, exotic churches and the awesome waterfalls. The alluring beauty of Goa attracts tourists from different parts of the globe. Goa Carnivals are well known by tourists. These are the rich Anglo-Indian legacy is a great magnetism for all tourists. There are three major waterfalls of Goa which falls from great height on the rocky landscape. Waterfalls of chilled water from great height magnetize tourists in large count. Most of the tourists prefer wonderful beauty of the nature rather than adventurous thrills. Goa waterfalls make Goa tourist places more attractive and welcomes tourists in crowd.

Dudhsagar waterfalls goa is a famous waterfall. It is located in the border of Goa Karnataka and is 60 kilometer from Margoa. This gets its place amongst the top 100 highest waterfalls in the world. Dudhsagar waterfall is falling in an elevation of 2000feet down in the forested mountains of the Western Ghats. The ripple cascades of pearly water are an eye-catching view to the sightseers. The picturesque view of the waterfall is amazing. No words are enough to explain the beauty of Dudhsagar waterfalls. Goa waterfalls are added as an alluring attraction to amuse and invite crowd apart from its sunny beaches, astounding nightspots.

The Harvalem or Arvalem waterfall is situated 8 kilometer far away from North goa. The waterfall is sited in between the towns Sanquelim and Bicholim. Arvalem waterfall gushes from an altitude of 50 meters, is one of the most wonderful tourist destination. Arvalem waterfall is an idyllic tourist spot. The striking waterfall and holy shrine Rudreshwar Temple is also located at this place. The temple has its own story, says that who believe in releasing the soul on 12th day after death. One can notice the staircase available there to view the amazing beauty of Arvalem waterfall. In goa tourist places the charming Arvalem waterfall with a top about 24 feet height creates an ample lake at the bottom. This presents excitement experience to the swimmers.

The Hivre waterfall is situated in Hivre village is 14 kilometer faraway from Valpoi city. Hivre waterfalls. The Hivre waterfalls are one part of Mother Nature with flourishing greenery view. It’s a gorgeous location to see the 16 waterfalls, all packed in tight, into a small viewing area that could be seen from the foothill. It’s an ultimate destination for the people who love to go tracking. It was a long trail up, through the fields, greasy rocks, small rivers, through bushes, veils, along a distance of almost 1.5 kilometers up the hill. Goa tourist places are more beautiful and always keeps tourists excited.

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Happy Diwali To All

Wishing everyone a very Colorful Diwali. May this Diwali bring you hope that you can attain victory, and harmony with every dia that you light on the day of Diwali. Diwali is the celebration of lights. We meditate the glory of creator, who has created the universe. Who is worthy of worship. Who is the embodiment of knowledge and light.

Diwali celebration starts with aside to worship the Goddess Lakshmi.  On the day of Diwali the homes are cleaned and rangoli are made. There are many stories behind the celebration. Lord Rama returning to his kingdom of Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and defeating Ravan. It is the time to sharing of sweets and the explosion of Fireworks accompany the celebration of the festival.

Enjoy the festival with Diwali sweets..


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Goa Tourist Places : Shimmering Attractions Of Goa Museums

Goa is famous for its rich historical legacy. The place has been ruled by Portuguese and British settlers one after the other. So the culture of goa is the blend of alien countries and local Konkani ethnicity. Goa museums intended the British and Portuguese lifestyle and relics. Goa tourist places are ultimate tourist destinations for all kind of visitors. Goa museums are the ideal spot for people who are interested to learn about ancient cultural backdrop of the place. By learning and studying one can understand the traditional heritage of Goa. It is the houses of artifacts of ancient goa. Museums in Goa are worth a visit even if you go to Goa only for the sun and surf. They are fortune abodes of Goa’s vivid history. Some of the main museums in Goa are given below:

The Archaeological Museum, known for its colossal size, is abided in a deserted convent of St. Francis of Assisi, presents of objects reflects the history of Goa. It exhibits the Hindu ancient period statue of Hindu deities such as many sati and hero tombstones, vast collections of coins issued by various emperors. The scarcity to be found in the Goa Archeological Museum is a duo of stunning Jain sculptures. On the ground floor there are many pictures of the primitive rock statues at Usgalimal.  The art and paintings in the museum represents Vascoda Gama’s photos. Archeological goa museum is one of the wonderful museums in goa. Museums in Goa recall the pictures of long lost things and relics or old and graying paintings. This portrays many historical stories about Goa.

Naval Aviation Museum Goa was first inducted in the year of 1998 at Dabolim, Vasco. This is the ideal place where you can experience the India’s strongest Navy forces. As the name it tells that it is the abode of some of the most relished things from the enormous Indian navy. Naval Aviation Museum in Goa is famous and unique museum free to visit, have the admiration of being one of the most popular magnetism in goa. Aircrafts, weapons and many other photos shows important era of Indian Naval history. Not only equipments but also modern multimedia games section also placed here. The marvelous arrangements of the museum are unforgettable by visitors who back to place from the museum with their mind full of beautiful memories. This makes the goa as an ultimate tourist destination.

Goa state museum in Panaji was built in 1977. Goa foams with power and will. Goa crowded by many tourists down the years. Goa tourist places are thrilling place with exotic beaches, sacred churches, shrines and also different featured museums. The pleasure of being in highly striking museums is particularly valued by tourists, enthusiastic on understanding historical stories about goa and the priceless pieces of sculpture. The Goa state museum in Goa is one of the very famous museums in this state. This museum is very famous for its huge collection related to art, spiritual and history, along with different invaluable traditionals.  Goa state museum is also major tourist magnetism for all people.

Out of these museums, the Archeological museum, naval aviation Goa museum and Goa State Museum are the foremost with luxurious collection. Archeological museum displays objects, artifacts, and arts of historic, primitive, and medieval epoch.Goa State Museum has 7 different galleries like Cultural Anthropology, Contemporary Art Gallery, Religious Expressions.Gallery, Sculpture Gallery, and so on. Each division displays a different kind of art and history. Goa is more than just beaches and beach adventure. Goa museums in Goa tourist places are well preserved and rich collection of chronological information.

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Goa Tourist Places : Amazing Goa Forts

Goa is the Beach City of India where Goa Forts figures the historical monuments of Goa. Several numbers of goa forts are the main magnetism of Goa Tourist Places. Goa attracts tourists from different corners of the world. Forts in goa enlighten the ancient stories about the land. Certain views of the history still remain. There are a few fortresses in Goa that have stood the analysis of time and have a lot to say of the years pass by.

The goa Aguada Fort is situated on the northern part of Goa. Tactically it is located at the bank of the river Mandovi. It was built in 1612 as a protector against the attacks from the Dutch and the Marathas. This fort is too strong to protect the Portuguese province and it is the one and only fort that was not occupied by any attackers during Portuguese kingdom. On the other side of the fort a wall of red-brown late service juts into the cove to make a quay between two small sandy coves. This scenic destination in goa tourist places is called as Sinquerim beach.

The Chapora Fort is located on the southern peninsula of the Chapora River. It was constructed by the Adil Shah of Bijapur. Now the fort is mostly damages. Portuguese were built Chapora fort in 1617 to save themselves against Muslim and Maratha emperors. It lies in spoils today, but the picturesque views from shore the wild plants infected walls are still wonderful. One can still see the starts of the two subways that in the past provided supply roads for overwhelmed guards, also can view the scattering of Muslim gravestone on the smooth slopes of the mount. These gravestones are considered to be remnants of the pre-colonial days. The main attraction of Goa tourist places are the superb views from the bastion’s walls.

Cabo fort was constructed in around 1540 AD and is situated at Franciscan monastery. It built by using laterite stones. This later became abode of the Governor of goa. A small Chapel was built at the end of the house, and was bestowed to our virgin lady of the cape (Nossa Senhora do Cabo). It provided as an attraction for the seafarers. Later the chapel caught the alertness of the Viceroy D. Matias d Albuquerque. He was a guard of the developed Franciscan friars known as ‘remembers’. The Viceroy decided to rebuild the chapel and also built a monastery by it. He paid all the rates engaged in its edifice. Goa tourist places make goa tourism as more wonderful.


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Goa Tourist Places : Adventure Safari

The thrilling and awesome sun-kissed sandy beaches and an enormous and stretched tranquil lakes and rivers make Goa a heaven for vacation hunters.  Goa tourist places are also houses for an ultimate adventure sight. Where you can explore your dreams and experience great blissful enjoyment fully consigned with adventure. Goa adventure offers wide range of extravagant adventure activities. Not only the sea but also the rivers and lakes also make it an ideal place for marine entertaining. Scuba diving, parasailing, snorkels. Apart from the marine and terrain sports there are other choices like island trips, crocodile or dolphin spotting trip, etc. Wholly Goa is the core of adventures filled with lots of fun and adventure sport activities. Everyone can select their favorite game by themselves. There is no age bar and restrictions for these activities. Some of the very famous activities of Goa include:

Scuba diving and Snorkeling are not only thrilling activities but also exciting games. Goa does not have vast Island but it has enough to catch you while you are there under the water. While snorkeling is for children and families, scuba -diving requires good practice and comfort level with the tackle and then also you are escorted by two qualified scuba divers. Parasailing one end of the cord tied to the speed boat and other end to the speed boat. You are up there, left hanged to get air on your face. The beach parasailing needs more practice on the part of the machinist. On the other handhoist boat parasailing takes you top. Remember always to double check your yoke, and ensure that there is an expert distant from the boat operator to keep observes you.

 Water games are a rambling activity in Goa. River and lakes also give you option of water sports. Goa offers not only aquatic activities but also you can go trekking, hiking or river crossing in the air and discover the unscathed terrains of Goa. Jet skiing is one of the most exciting water activities for speed riders. The equipment is very easy to operate but mechanists send operator along to guide you. Windsurfing is an inexpensive water sport but tough to learn. Its automatic one needs more patience, good supervision and good health on the side of beginner. Goa Tourist places offers much more adventure thrills to the explorers.

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